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Using the code

Instructions to use executables.
This distribution should compile on MacOS X and Linux.


Just type 'make' to compile (might crash if some external libs are not compiled)

Note that you can edit /makefiles/makefile.std to enable only some functionalities. More specifically, you can set:
INCLUDE_OPEN_COLLADAParsing Collada files (not required)
MESA_RENDERINGUse MESA instead of GLUT (to render without x-server).

compiling External Dependencies:
OpenCOLLADA (NOTE: some releases might not compile on MacOSX)
      svn checkout http://opencollada.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ opencollada-read-only
      cmake ./

Code structure

I use python scripts to connect several apps. See these instructions for using the scripts. Below is a list of the most relevant apps and libraries (found in Apps and Libs directories).

MatchTemplateFit template to point cloud
UpdateTemplateUpdate template or spawn new templates.
CreateTemplateManual template initialization.
EvalTemplateEvaluate ground truth or using some other metrics.

PartCorrsAll template-based analysis code
DatabaseCoreEverything on shape representation: Model3D includes various shapes (points, meshes, ect..) and functions on shapes (e.g. ).
Renderer*/VisualizationRendering / visualization. Renderer abstracts the canvas (using GLUT or MESA). Visualization includes ALL OpenGL calls, thus drawing is limited to that library (and DBApps).
BasicNumerical/BasicRoutinesSome supporting libraries.
BasicMRFGraph cuts by Boykov et al. (for mesh segmentation).
ModelParsersParse collada.