Quasiconformal plane deformations - Binaries

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Download Binaries (MacOSX, Linux)

Command-line arguments

This distribution provides several start-up parameters.
        ./DeformTool.sh inImg [options]
            -window sizeX sizeY - window dimensions in pixels (default: 500x500)
            -mesh gridX gridY - only points on a regular grid are deformed (default: 100x100)
    Deformations (include any subset):
            -fpi - 4-point quasi-conformal deformation (default)
            -localfpi - fpi with local control
            -mvc - mean-value coordinate deformation (provided for comparison only)
            -mls - moving least squares deformation (provided for comparison only)

Interactive interface

You can add control points by pressing 'space' over arbitrary places. Note that control points need to be added in counter-clockwise order for -fpi and -localfpi deformations, select exactly 4 points. Once points are added you can move them by click-and-drag.

Note that white areas in the input image will be mapped to 'transparent' color, this is also important for -localfpi deformation, since it influences the locality of deformation. Press 'm' to visualize the mesh. Note that for -localfpi mesh is drawn in 3 different colors after the cut, also keys 7,8,9,0 toggle different lines that define boundaries for deformation. In -localfpi mode you can save a sequence of deformations by pressing 's' after a deformation that you want to save.

Press '`' for more hot keys.