Quasiconformal Plane Deformation

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Using the code

Just compile 'make' in QuasiConfDeform directory. You can copy the resulting binary ./QuasiConfDeform/bin/*/ImgDeform to ./QuasiConfDeform.bins/`uname`_`uname -m`_ImgDeform and execute DeformTool.sh.

This sourcecode distribution was compiled on MacOS X 10.7.3, and is known to compile on Linux.

Reference Class

If you need to see the implementation of quasi-conformal deformations, please refer to the following files:
class DeformQuasiConf implements several version of quasi-conformal deformations, that differ in the IntermediateOperator. More specifically, INTERMED_AFFINE_QUAD is global 4-point deformation, and INTERMED_FIXED_LINES_TPS is local 4-point deformation constrained at boundary lines.