Shape2Pose - Data



Download all input models and ground truth poses.
You can also download results (predicted poses as images and as text files, the format is described below).

Data Format

Input Data

0_body directory contains information about human body structure, 1_input/off directory contains meshes, and 1_input/gt directory contains ground truth poses. Note: off meshes are not in meters, they should be scaled by 0.6.

File format a *.gt file (same format is used for *.pose.txt predicted poses):
     NPoses N - number of ground truth poses poses
     Pose X Regions R - for each pose X=0, .., N-1, R=number of prescribed points for pose X
     Region r name pnts 1 - lists assigned contact points for the pose, name is body part name
                                          NOTE: r maps to a line in 0_body/regions.txt file
     fid b1 b2 b3 x y z - contact point on the surface, fid is face id, b1-b3 barycentric coords, xyz - position
     ... list of all regions (repeated R times)...
     NSkeleton: P - indicates that next P values are skeleton parameters
     x y z alpha_up theta_1 ... theta_{P-4} - translation and rotation (around up) for a root, followed by P-4 joint angles                                           NOTE: see 0_body/regions_skeleton.txt file format description below
     ... list of all poses (usually there is only one ground truth pose)...

File format a 0_body/regions_skeleton.txt file (best understood from IKSolver.cpp code):
     scale 2.5 - constant scale applied to all distances below.
     joint1 joint2 axis length type [link_params] - describes a link between joint1 and joint2, other parameters:
                                          axis - pick a link direction (along X, Y, or Z coordinate),
                                          length - length of the link,
                                          type=[ball_socket, hinge, fixed] - type of the joint1, parameters depend on link type
                                          ball_socket - 3 euler angles (link_params = min/max values on each angle, multiply by π)                                           hinge - 1 angle w.r.t. a pivot (link_params = pivot_axis min/max angle, multiply by π)                                           fixed - no parameters, just a connection.

     ... list of links (first node is the root) ...

File format a 0_body/regions_symmetry.txt file:
     ... symmetric body parts appear on the same line ...


Please cite the pages / papers below if you use the datasets:

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[4] Shape2Pose: Human-Centric Shape Analysis
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