Symmetry-Guided Textures - Binaries

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Download Binaries (MacOSX 10.7.3)

1. Symmetry Transfer

Synthesize new textures with desired patterns by runnning
        ./ inTexture.png inPattern.png outDir
        ./ img/wool.png img/carpet.png wool_carpet

2. Symmetry Filtering

Synthesize textures with 'filtered' pattern by running:
        ./ texture.png outDir filterID=0-18
        ./ img/berries.png berries 2

See ./ for different filters. You can also implement your own filter by specifying imagemagick convert command there.

3. Symmetrization

Symmetrize textures and images by running:
        ./ inImg outDir [options]
            -edge - pre-filter images with sobel edge detector (uses luminance by default)
            -rot - rotational symmetry (uses translational by default)
            -refl - reflectional symmetry
            -tile - tile into Gx by Gy grid

        ./ img/crocoskin.png ./symm_skin -tile 3 3
        ./ img/brick.png ./symm_brick -edge -tile 3 3
        ./ img/flower.png ./symm_flower -edge -rot
        ./ img/butterfly.png ./symm_butterfly -edge -refl